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Power of Three.

2009-05-25 10:13:56 by Marrowthon

As some of you may know, the Power of Three contest is going on right now, so I gathered myself a team and entered this great opportunity. My group consists of Me, Sbb, and Bibin. We have already started on a game and its going great, we will be finished in no time at this pace. I can't reveal much about the game except that it is going to be awesome.

New Game, Cool Contest

2009-05-16 08:58:22 by Marrowthon

Well, I'm sure most of you have heard about the power of three. I am currently an artist but I can still code(not so much actionscript, but I love java) and would like to find those two other people that would complete my group. Yes, that's right, a programmer and a musician!

Here's some examples: /25087_Zombie2.png /25099_Carnage.png /25074_zomvie.php /24815_SteampunkRTS.php
^ This one I started yesterday, it's a really cool idea, just not alot of concept art yet.

I have lots of free time on weekends but it is fairly restricted during the week, that doesn't mean I can't work it just means my output will be less than that of weekends.

Creating a new game.

2009-05-09 12:17:15 by Marrowthon

Well, I'm in the process of finishing up some art for a game, called Contingency. I don't want to reveal much only that it is supposedly going to be very good. I would like to find a scripter, but not until later because first I want to finish all the art, heres some really early concept art that I'd like to share with you! /37063_zomvie.swf

I might reveal more at a later date so stay tuned!